There are so many dogs – abandoned, homeless, given up by their owners or family members of their former guardians – that need, and deserve, our help. They have no voices to speak and tell their stories and they rely on us to give them the chance at ‘forever homes’.

MILLIONS of adoptable dogs are killed in shelters every year. Won’t you give one a chance?

shelter dog

While you can choose to buy a dog from a reputable breeder – if you choose instead to adopt a rescued dog you are truly saving a life – and making a difference in the life of that pet for the rest of its days. Your reward, and ours, is knowing that you have helped in the adoption of these precious and loving dogs who might otherwise, without help, not found families with whom they can bond and loving homes that they can call their own.

Please, however, NEVER purchase a pet from a pet store – as ALL pet store dogs actually are bred and born in puppy mills. While in these mills they live in horrible and often unsanitary conditions, are not treated by caring individuals and often pass on genetic problems from generation to generation.

To learn more about the abhorrent conditions in puppy mills, perpetuated by purchasing from pet stores, please go to: and