Tips to Have a Hassle-free trip With Your Dog

Tips to Have a Hassle-free trip With Your Dog

Tips to Have a Hassle-free trip With Your Dog

There’s no reason why your dogs can’t come along with you in one of your adventures. Except if you don’t have any idea on how to prepare a pet-friendly trip, right?

Fret not—in this post, I’ll teach you 10 tips & tricks on how to have a hassle-free trip with your dog.

#1: Rehearse with your dog before the actual trip.

Teach your dog some pointers before the trip. Especially if this is their first time, or they are anxious during car rides, it is crucial to run a practice run. Let them familiarize in travelling by taking some short practice trips that end in positive experiences.

#2: Book pet-friendly accommodations.

Make sure to plan ahead and research the hotel you are planning to stay in and ask lots of questions before you make a reservation. It is crucial to know beforehand if the place is a pet-friendly accommodation.

Take the time ask what exactly is their pet-friendly policies. Also, find out if there are any weight restrictions, additional fees and limits as to how many dogs can accompany you.

Check out and, a couple of sites that can help you find pet-friendly hotels given your destination.

#3: Pack a bag for your dog.

Get the right essentials for your pet. Your dog’s travel kit should include:

  • Water/food bowl
  • Regular dry or can food
  • Bottles of water
  • First-aid kit
  • Medicine & vitamins
  • Dog Bed
  • Travel Kennel or Crate
  • Tags, a collar, and a leash
  • Grooming supplies
  • Treats
  • Disposable litter pan/litter
  • Recent picture of your pet

Tip: Pack spares of everything. Extra collars, IDs, poop bags, and toys — you name it. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.

#4: Don’t forget your dog’s favorite toys.

Always remember to pack your dog’s favorite toys. It helps to pass those long hours in the back seat or carrier/crate and may even help calm an anxious dog. Of course, it can also be used to exercise your dog at break stops. A good dog frisbee, among other dog toys, can effectively snuff out restless energy, leaving your dog relaxed and sleepy for the trip ahead.

#5: Prepare a crate for safety and comfort.

Secure your dog in the car with a crate. You can put a crate to the back seat using the seat belt or luggage straps. Add bedding or padding to the bottom for comfort, as well as a favorite toy.

Allow them to be comfortable being in the crate before the actual trip. This can keep your dog relaxed and secured when you’re stopping for breaks or when you arrive at an overnight location.

Tip: Use a strong and solid crate for the safety of your dog.

#6: Use a pet travel carrier on wheels if you have a small dog.

Use a pet travel carrier on wheels if you have a small dog. Have the comfort of easily pulling your dog on wheels in crowded areas. Plus, your dog will absolutely love it!

#7: Remember to bring your pet’s documents.

If you don’t want setbacks and hassle along the trip, bring your dog’s documents with you. It can include:

  • Medical documents
  • Rabies vaccinations records
  • Health issues records
  • Prescription to medications
  • Microchip number (if applicable)
  • Medical insurance information

#8: Adjust your dog to the temperature.

If you’re traveling to various climates and unfamiliar environments, make sure to adjust your dogs accordingly with the temperature.

If it is warm, turn on the air conditioner to dissolve the heat inside the car. If it is the opposite, give your dog an extra protection to the cold. It can be a doggie’s sweater or a thick blanket. Take your pick.

#9: Check the weather beforehand.

To avoid unnecessary weather fiasco, research beforehand the weather report. Ensure that there is no incoming hurricanes or extreme weather in your road route.

#10: Know your airline pet policies.

If you are traveling by air, consult with the airline you plan to travel with. Check out their requirements and policies concerning traveling with your pet. You can only have a successful flight with your dog if you prepare the necessary paperwork in advance..