Things to Prepare as a First-time Dog Owner

Things to Prepare as a First-time Dog Owner

Things to Prepare as a First-time Dog Owner

Ready to welcome a dog into your life? It can be exciting and challenging at first. To help you prepare your home for your new companion, here’s a list of things you should consider:


First thing on the list: dog food and bowls.

Remember, your dog’s food should meet his nutritional needs, and not all dogs have the same nutritional needs. To pick out the most appropriate dog food, always read the list of ingredients. Choose food with a meat or meat meal as the first ingredient. Dogs are omnivores, so they need meat on their diet.

But having nutrients from grains, fruits, and vegetables is also a valuable part of their diet. Simply put, pick a dog food that has meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits.

Once you narrow down your options, do the research on these brands. It is crucial that you ensure quality control and appropriate sourcing of ingredients of the brand.

TIP: Puppy needs different nutritional needs than adult dogs. They usually do well with puppy food” and food labeled “for all life stages.”


Yes, dogs need their own toys, too. Make sure to prepare a plethora of squeaky toys. Not only they love to play with them, but it also helps lessen the pain of your puppy’s sore teeth. Plus, they can be fluff of energy at times, so having toys can be a good outlet for them.


Your home is not just yours anymore. It’s time to make it dog-friendly. Remember to move treasured and valued items out of their reach.

If you’re having a puppy, make sure to keep your shoes and even your appliances out of their way. Some dog-owners learned this the hard way.

Especially, if you’re leaving them alone, there is no guarantee that they will not chew or gnaw to your things. That is why having a backup plan is important if this kind of situation happened.

Personally, I lean to the side of legal safety. I always make sure I have my home warranty set in place to prevent financial loss. Check out this article,,  to learn more about the importance of home warranty when preparing your home for a new dog.

Also, home can be dangerous for inquisitive dogs. Make sure to set up a pet or baby gate at the bottom of your stairwell to avoid serious falls and injury.


Before you even get your first dog, make sure that you have at least a collar and least in your bags. It is crucial that the use of these both things are introduced earlier in a dog’s life.

A leash and a collar keep your dog secured and safe in your side when you decided to take them in a walk, so always grab one that is strong and sturdy. Consider getting a comfortable and non-titchy collar to soften the transition for your dog.

You should also invest in buying a tag in case your dog gets separated from you. Write your name, contact number, and address in the tag.

When you’re on a trip or simply walking on the park, bring a poop bag, collapsible water bowls, foods, and some special treats. It will help your outings to be smoother and hassle-free.


Think medical visits, as well as vaccinations and training as your new monthly tasks once you have your new dog. This is your responsibility now as a fur parent to give your dog the health care it deserves.

To start, you should find a vet. Nearby and accessible are the best deciding factors when you’re choosing one. It is also important that you verify their service and credibility. After all, it is a matter of life and death.

If you’re having a puppy, make sure to inquire if they have any packages specialized to the first vet visit.

And don’t worry, if you find it hard to train your dog, you can count on dog training and daycare facilities. It is a place where you can enroll your dog to learn good habits and at the same time, to meet other dogs.