Special Needs Dogs

Special Needs Dogs



Donations needed $850

My name is Miracle and I am a 2 year old, female, 20 lb. Scottish Terrier Mix.  I’m a survivor of severe animal abuse and wars rescued with a hundreds of other dogs in Iran .I was beaten, tortured and my mouth tied with wire . I was found at the woods and had  lots of injury of bites from big stray dogs  I bare many scars and had to have surgery to remove my damaged eye.   I have one eye now but I have learned to trust again . I turned out to be a very sweet and wonderful dog.  I want to come to America where I ha I will find a family to love and care for me.



Hi my name is Brave Heart and I am a survivor of the dog meat trade and was rescued with a thousand other dogs in South Korea I was beaten tortured my mouth tied with wire . I bare many scars and lost my eye . I had to learn to trust man and learn to trust his touch .I am a Beagle and Corgi Mix 6 years old and 22 lbs.  It’s been a long road for me, but now I am happy and I want to come to America for my forever home.. Please make a donation to my huge vet bill and my flight to Seattle. I would need $ 750 donation!



Donations needed $1200

My name is Zetta from Taiwan and I am a wonderful 11 month old Female Labrador Retriever and Taiwan Mountain Dog Mix.  I am 23 lbs. super sweet and very friendly and I am so excited to come to America to find my forever home soon  I am limping badly and in need of a back leg surgery which will be extremely expensive  I really need your help if you can help with a generous Donation  Thank You!



Panieng – Male 1 year – 26 lbs Coming from Thailand!

One eyed and 3 legged Sweetheart!!!!!

Please help Donate to bring him over here to Seattle

Goal is $500



Evie is a wonderful Purebred Chocolate Lab 6 1/2 years old and she has diabetics.

Evie is looking for a forever home but in the meantime we need donations help pay for her diabetic treatment every month

Her care is about $ 200 a month



Barney is a wonderful handsome Deaf Australian Shepard & Pit Bull Mix

He is still sitting in a Death Row Shelter in Texas waiting for someone to foster or adopt him

We need funds to fly him up to Seattle and hire a good deaf dog trainer for him

Goal is to raise $ 600.

Iran Dogs


There are 700 dogs in Iran Rescue and they are so short of funds to feed and vet them all!

Donations are needed for Dog Food as most of them get to eat once every 3 days.

They desperately need medicine, dog clippers, flea meds, shampoo and wheels.

Anything you can DONATE would really help so much!!!

Homa from Iran is the head director of this rescue and you can call her at 253-350-0840.

Korea Dogs


We are getting many dogs saved out of this horrific Korea Slaughter Farms.

This photo shows a picture of a dog captured to be killed and eaten and so horrible to watch.

We are able to bring 8 dogs at a time but always need a flight volunteer to help bring them over.

Donations are desperately needed to help pay for their vet bill and their airline flight cost.

Korea kills over 1 ½ million dogs a year to be eaten.

Your donation will help us save a life, two or even three!!!