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Vladdy is a beautiful adult Labrador mix who was surrendered to us early in 2016 by his family. They had young children in the house, and felt Vlad’s energy was too high for having toddlers around. After years of being a faithful companion he was no longer because he didn’t know his own size, and was too mouthy to have a toddler around.

Vladdy is not an aggressive dog but he is an active dog and he needs a family who loves to hike, run, and get out and about; when Vladdy doesn’t get enough activity he gets very stressed and this causes him to get pushy with people… he just wants exercise and attention!

This boy just wants to be a part of your family! Dogs are not to be discarded. Please let’s find Vladdy a home!

Vladdy does fine with other dogs but we are hoping to find him a home as the only dog so that he can get lots of exercise and love and affection. Vladdy is a very LARGE dog and so we are looking for an experienced dog owner for him.

What you put into this boy he will pay back in spades; he is loyal and intelligent and will bond quickly. He will make a great companion.

If you can’t give Vladdy a chance, will you consider donating to support his ongoing training?

Want to meet Vladdy? Just say the word!

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