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Ace is a beautiful male Shepherd Jindo mixed breed who came to us over a year ago. He was found as a stray in San Bernadino and brought to the shelter, where Ginger’s Pet Rescue pulled him at the 11th hour and had him transported to Seattle. Ace has been with us ever since, in foster care waiting… and waiting… and waiting for his forever home.

Ace does well with other dogs with a proper introduction, but needs to be the only dog in the home. Ace has a very strong will, and is also a strong boy, so he will need an experienced dog owner who knows how to be the pack leader. Ace also requires a good amount of daily exercise and will benefit from consistency and routine.

What you put into this boy he will pay back in spades; he is loyal and intelligent and will bond quickly. He will make a great guard dog and companion.

Here is where Ace came from. A year later he is still waiting for a home…

If you can’t give Ace a chance, will you consider donating to support his ongoing training?

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