Ginger: My First Rescue | Barney

Ginger: My First Rescue | Barney

BarneyBarney was my very first rescue on January 11th, 2006 – a day I will never forget. You can read all about how I met Barney, and fortuitously began rescuing dogs, in the Seattle Times feature here. After I convinced Barney’s owner to turn him over for $50, I had a dog and no idea what to do with him. Well, it all worked out!

We found Barney a wonderful home and vet care has been worked out. I saved this poor little guy two days ago and “bought him for fifty dollars”. He was locked up in a hell hole for 8 months in a bathroom and his collar was on so tight he was choking and has soars under his neck. Barney has never seen green grass and outside in his entire life and when I took him for his first walk his little nose went absolutely crazy. Barney is one wonderful inspirational story that makes me want to do even more.

Please let the word out that I am looking for MORE foster homes for dogs I plan to rescue in the very near future. Thanks ever so much everyone for your emails and support!

Ginger Luke

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