Happy Tails | Yula

Happy Tails | Yula

Happy Tails | Yula

Ginger’s Rescue pulled Yula, the Rottweiler, in the nick of time after Chuck and Charina stepped up to foster-to-adopt her. Now, Yula is living happily ever after with her new forever home.

This is how rescue happens!

It’s stories like this that makes my missions so worthwhile.


Yula′s Rescue Story

YULA was saved just one hour before she was going to be put down. A last minute phone call thru a forwarded email became a miracle that saved YULA just in the nick of time. This rescue was one of my most proudest. YULA was a rottweiler tied up for 5-1/2 years in a dirty junkyard. She is now one of the happiest dogs in the world Thanks to Chuck Diggs and Cherina, his daughter.


An Urgent Request for Yula

Dear Ginger,

Please do not let them put Yula down. My daughter will be calling you tomorrow about her. She has had three rottweilers – two of which she has saved. We are very very interested in Yula. My daughters name is Cherina. Why is Yula in the shelter now. Is she in Ellensburg now, we can make plans to go there on Tuesday if needed.

Chuck ended up racing to the shelter on Monday morning because NO one answered the phone to put a hold on this dog.

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