Happy Tails | Special Needs | Reno

Happy Tails | Special Needs | Reno

Happy Tails | Special Needs | Reno


Ginger – just so that you fully comprehend what a wonderful thing you did; you rescued Reno (who was named Velcro) after Katrina. She had bad heart worms and was pregnant – her foster mom told me that after she had her puppies the heart worm treatment almost killed her.

She was adopted out to a family in CleElum later you were in Yakima and there she was – back on death row at the dog pound – so you actually rescued her twice! She was “adopted two more times, but returned to her foster mom after a very short while. When I adopted her the last thing her foster said was if for ANY REASON you don’t want her just bring her back….its been a year and a half and I cannot imagine our lives with out her!

Reno is a nut – I often refer to her as a 300 lb girl in a an orange party dress who desperately wants to play, but doesn’t want to get her sox dirty. She has just recently learned how to play with her human family and spends a ton of time bossing around my daughters two dogs Niles and Nina. Its quite the crew. As I am typing this she is laying with the cat under my desk.

Thank you for the work you do!

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