Happy Tails | Special Needs | Buddy

Happy Tails | Special Needs | Buddy

Happy Tails | Special Needs | Buddy

Here’s the Happy Ending from Jessica, who adopted Buddy – the blind and deaf Dachshund



From the first time I saw a picture of Buddy on Ginger’s Pet Rescue, I just knew he was special. After reading that he was blind and deaf, I was still really interested in him. I just felt he already had a place in my heart; so I contacted Ginger and here is where my story begins.

After about a month of filling out paper work and getting our house ready for him and of course reading every book there is about doxies, we packed up some toys and blankets and drove 3 hours to Yakima to meet our little Buddy. On the long drive home Buddy had a lot of anxiety and we made a lot of stops to have him get out and walk around. Once at home the first couple of days he had a hard time and we did not know what to do because he is different then regular doxies due to his limitations. However it has been over a month now and Buddy knows we are his parents and we love him very much.

He loves to walk and we take him on long walks everyday and get him out in the grass where he can dig because it is in his nature to do that. He has had his first appointment with his new vet, who was amazing with him and comfirmed what I thought: He is only blind in one eye and can see a little in the other eye (it is very cute to see how he will move his head up and down to get a full view of things with that one eye. He fully trusts me and my husband now and lets us get close to his face; I always give him kisses on his little forehead.

As far as being deaf; he is not completely deaf but he does have hearing problems. We have done a lot of training with him with our touch by directing him away from wrong behaviors and giving him something positive to do, as well as praise him with our words and touch when he is doing good. He is beautiful in every way and he does have his quirkiness to him but he would not be as special as he is without all of it.

We could not have been more blessed then with a dog like Buddy: He is full of love, humor, excitement and adventure. He meets all our needs especially with my need to be a mother due to not being able to have real kids. Thank you Ginger for all you do and who you are, we will be forever grateful for what you have given us.

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