Happy Tails | Special Needs | Ardie

Happy Tails | Special Needs | Ardie

Happy Tails | Special Needs | Ardie

Shon and Lena Hong

Ardie (aka Ardith) gets her happy ending

Hi Ginger,

Here is a picture of Ardith (now renamed to Ardie) with our Shih Tzu, Dingo. They are now best buddies. I think having another dog teach Ardie the ropes definitely is helping out Ardie transition from being a puppy mill dog to a loving pet.

As you can see, Ardie has come a long way since we got him, and he is more trusting towards people. However, he is still fearful of adult males. However, we hope to slowly convince him that males are okay too.

Since we got him, he got groomed and all dolled up, and he looks like a new dog!  It makes me mad that someone would put such a beautiful creature in a puppy mill.

We are so thankful that we got Ardie as these rescue dogs do definitely understand that they are getting a second chance in life. He went from sleeping in a small cage to sleeping in our warm soft bed.

It’s been about 3 weeks since we got Ardith, and his playful side is finally coming out! When we first got him, his tail was always between his legs and very fearful of male humans. Now, he is very energetic and loves go on walks with me every morning and at night. We’ve had heck of a time house breaking him where he’s stained our rug and our hardwood floor, but I am glad to report that he is 100% house broken!

Thanks again for letting us adopt such a fun dog.

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