Happy Tails | Shadow

Happy Tails | Shadow

Happy Tails | Shadow

Shadow was found tied to a bench at a park in Ellensberg with a note on tied on him ~ from a homeless man.

A loving note was tied on to Shadow saying:

Please take care of my dog and find a good home for him because I am too sick to keep him. I love this dog very much.

Shadow was taken under Ginger’s Pet Rescue and now he is the happiest dog around adopted by Rachel & Chuck.

Chuck & Rachel

It’s been one year since we adopted Shadow and we’re so happy to give him a forever home. Chuck is a General Contractor and takes Shadow to work with him everyday. Shadow loves to either sit on the jobsite or spend time in his favorite place – the truck! He loves the truck and gets really excited whenever he gets to go for a ride. Shadow also loves going for a walk and starts wagging his tail every night at 7:00pm in anticipation.

Shadow is a wonderful dog who makes people fall in love with him where ever he goes. We can’t imagine our life without him.

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