Happy Tails | Gabby

Happy Tails | Gabby

Happy Tails | Gabby

Bringing a dog into your home can be an adjustment. One of the biggest challenges we hear is that the new dog is not getting along with cats. Fight like “cats and dogs” is an expression for a reason… cats and dogs don’t always inherently get along. That’s just a fact of life! That doesn’t mean that cats and dogs can’t get along, with some perseverance and consistency.

Here is a “happy tail” about cats and dogs (it has a good ending – we promise) that illustrates that with a little bit of love and dedication, you can work through even the most trying challenges!

I was telling my coworker about your wonderful organization today over lunch, and realized that I never sent you an official Thank You.

My husband and I (boyfriend & girlfriend at the time) adopted our fur baby Gabby (known back then as Gladdy) at your adoption event in Renton, WA at the Landing PetSmart on September 12, 2009.

We were the same couple that called one week later and were planning on returning our little bundle of joy, as her and our cat were not getting along.

We sadly got ready for that day, and when it came time to get her ready and walk out the door – WE COULDN’T DO IT. Best decision we ever made. Gabby has given us so much joy and happiness in our life, in our marriage, and in our world. She is the sweetest little dog with the BIGGEST HEART!!

Words cannot describe how thankful and blessed we feel to have found her – and it could not have been possible with you and your AMAZING organization.

Gabby is busy doing the things she loves – snuggling, watching the neighborhood with her BFF – the same cat!, hiking, playing at the beach…just to name a few đŸ˜€ ~ Kelly

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