Happy Tails | Foster Features | Licorice

Happy Tails | Foster Features | Licorice

Happy Tails | Foster Features | Licorice

Licorice, the dog that was abused and tied up for 5 years, finally gets freedom!



Licorice′s Foster

This afternoon, we had a visit from a redheaded angel by the name of Maribeth, who got out of her truck with her 16 month old German Shepherd, Dakota, to meet Licorice and see if there was a match. From the minute Maribeth stepped into Licorice’s yard, it was wonderful. Not only did Dakota and Licorice just click as new brother and older sister, they played and played, talked, communicated, sat, drank water together, and I have never seen Licorice so happy. It was a little too overwhelming for me to watch.

Licorice and Dakota got along great together. She did not want to escape. She didn’t show any signs of anxiety. She was happy, calm, relaxed, perky, playful, and smiling. She simply beamed. Maribeth is the best possible person and new home for Licorice, who will have a new yard bed!! treats!! And a new baby brother that she appears to be bonding with already. Best of a all, Maribeth wanted to take her tonight, to get her off the awful chain as soon as possible. She will be inside for the first time in 5 years.

It will be a slow integration, but Licorice was blessed. She showed her happiness by climbing into Maribeth’s truck and waiting patiently, happily, to get on the road.

I just cried – I was crying from happiness. A few of you know why I felt this duty so emotionally and how much it meant to me to re-home her in a forever home.

THANK YOU for everything, everybody. May Licorice’s good spirit shine on every dog.

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