Happy Tails | Carly

Happy Tails | Carly

Happy Tails | Carly

Erik, Anna & Jack

This is Carly! She is absolutely the world’s sweetest and most loving dog, and we cannot imagine our lives without her!  In 2011 we fostered this little girl, and after one day we knew she just had to be ours!

We are so incredibly thankful that Ginger was able to rescue her from death row in an Oakland, CA shelter. She was sent there after someone had found her in a shoe box in a dumpster. Just thinking about what that must have been like for this little angel brings tears to my eyes.

Carly is such an important part of our lives. She loves to play (but only with one specific squeaky bear, so we have back-ups), she loves her daddy like no dog has ever loved anyone, and she follows her brother Jack around like he is the coolest dog on Earth!

Every night when we ask Carly if she’s ready for bed, she grabs her bear and runs to claim her spot in between our pillows. We make sure she is living the best “rags-to-riches” story we can give her! She brings us so much happiness every single day! From her MANY kisses, to the way her ears fold over when she’s tired, to the way she squeaks when she yawns, and even how loud she snores and belches (hysterical coming from such a little princess), Carly is a blessing in more ways than we will ever be able to count.

No words of gratitude can ever express our thanks to Ginger & her rescue team for giving Carly a second chance at life, and for the way she has changed our lives forever.

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