Foster Features | Tina and Tim | Chocolate

Foster Features | Tina and Tim | Chocolate

Foster Features | Tina and Tim | Chocolate

Today we placed Chocolate in her new home!!!

What a big day it was for her.

We rose early in order to get her breakfast and all of her medications prior to her 9 a.m. appointment in Issaquah. Today’s appointment was to change the medicast on her leg. We met Chocolate’s new parents at a location close by and took them to the vet’s office. Chocolate was taken back and her cast was changed, then Dr. Fry came in the room to talk to all of us.

Dr. Fry said Chocolate’s incisions were healing great and everything looked excellent. She got a bright blue cast with pink hearts on it this time. Too cute!! Dr. Fry spent the next 1/2 hour explaining to Debra and John what was done during the surgery. He showed us the x-rays and showed us exactly was done. Amazing thing, how the body heals itself.

After the appointment, we followed Debra and John home to Orting. What a beautiful drive. They live in a great house on a golf course. John will be completing the fence around their property by the end of next week. Way ahead of the time Chocolate can heal and start to run around. We met their handsome dog, Dakota. I have to tell you, the meeting between the two dogs was PERFECT!!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

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