It’s very difficult. There are millions of dogs euthanized every year, and most of them are perfectly good and adoptable dogs. Sadly, we can’t save them all. For the most part, we choose dogs that pass behavioral test that we think will be adoptable, and we choose dogs that are healthy. Sometimes, we will take special needs dogs, or old dogs, or dogs that need some extra TLC. We also help local families who are no longer able to care for their pets, for one reason or another. In 2016, we are working with various shelter organizations in Texas and California, where resources are scarce in shelters. We also take dogs from Taiwan and Iran, where dogs are viewed as filthy creatures – we are their only hope! We don’t discriminate against good dogs – we believe every dog deserves a second chance!

Our adoption fees range from $395-$995 depending on the dog. Puppies are $750 and up. Factors that go into determining the adoption fee are the costs of rescue, the dog’s location, medical expenses, age and breed. Typically, local dogs have lower adoption fees while overseas dogs have higher adoption fees. We also have higher fees for younger or purebred dogs, as these dogs help us fund the rescue of other older or special needs dogs that can’t warrant higher fees.

Every dog we adopt has been spayed or neutered (or comes with a certificate/requirement for spay/neuter), vaccinated against Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella, be microchipped and have a health certificate. Our dogs are seen by a vet prior to adoption, and have been assessed by our rescue team for behavior and personality. In some cases, dogs can develop medical issues and we will do our best to make it right. We have great partnerships with local veterinarians and we will make sure your dog gets the veterinary care it needs.

Ginger’s Pet Rescue has always maintained the policy that if the dog adoption doesn’t work out for any reason, we will refund the adoption fees accordingly. Unfortunately, we had to revise this policy.

The adoption fee is a donation to the rescue and as such is non-refundable.

There will be NO refund on returned dogs. 

We do not guarantee that we can accept dogs back into the rescue after adoption but all of our adopted dogs must be offered for return to our organization ONLY, unless otherwise agreed per our adoption agreement contract.

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