Do you have a dog that needs to run run run? It can be difficult to give high energy dogs the amount of exercise they desire. Fortunately, the people at Dog Powered Scooter have invented a practical and safe way to help give your high energy dog the exercise it needs. They offer custom made set-ups to take your dogs urban mushing and stay safe and in control. Urban mushing is a great way to get out there with your dog without even having to leave your neighborhood. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Dog Powered Scooter Offers Four Products

Serious Dog Powered Scooter

For pavement AND off road – best for multiple strong pulling dogs or one super strong pulling dog.

Recreational Dog Powered Scooter

For pavement or mild off road, great single dogs and ok for two average drive medium size dogs.

Bolt On Dog Pulling System

For the recumbent “tadpole” (2 wheels in front) trikes.

Custom Fit Bolt-on Dog Pulling Systems

For other brands and models of scooters.

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