Charity Breakfast for Ginger’s Pet Rescue at Microsoft South Lake Union

Charity Breakfast for Ginger’s Pet Rescue at Microsoft South Lake Union

Ginger’s Pet Rescue was invited to the South Lake Union Microsoft campus to participate in a charity breakfast in their honor. The event was organized by Microsoft employee Jacob Rice who adopted his dog Daisy (previously named Myrtle) from a Ginger’s Pet Rescue adoption event in Renton.

Volunteers Jenny, Leila and Madelyn met with about 40 or so Microsoft employees, and shared information about how to get involved with pet rescuing, from fostering and adoption, to volunteering and donating.

The volunteers also got to share adoptable dogs with the employees! All of the following dogs are available for adoption and their information can be found in the adoptable dogs section of our website.

Fosters brought Roxy aka Ro-Ro, a wonderful 18-month-old female Pitbull. Ro-Ro settled right in and enjoyed her time at Microsoft!


Leila brought Kane, a 9 month old Pitbull/Dane mix who is an impressive, muscular boy with the sweetest demeanor. Kane has decided its time to teach these humans a little dog yoga!


Madelyn brought Gizmo, an adorable 4-year-old female Shih Tzu who is 8lbs, great with people of all ages, gentle kids and other dogs. Gizmo is wondering when the snuggle portion of this event is going to happen.


Madelyn also brought Toto, a wonderful 5-year-old, 13lbs, male Terrier and Poodle mix who is a happy, loving and well behaved dog. Toto is hoping someone can make an app that will deliver dog treats to his door.


Jenny brought Cody BB a 5-year-old Wheaten Terrier Mix (non-shedding, hypoallergenic) who is a delightful, sweet, and friendly dog who loves to pal around with his human. Cody wishes this day in South Lake Union will never end.

Cody BB

Ginger’s Pet Rescue is an approved non-profit partner of Microsoft so all donations to GPR are matched by Microsoft.

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