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Return Policy for Ginger's Pet Rescue

Ginger’s Pet Rescue has always maintained the policy that if the dog adoption doesn’t work out for any reason, we will refund the adoption fees paid upon return of the dog. However, we have had some dogs returned to us who were not in the condition that they were when they were adopted. This includes the return of dogs with hurt or broken limbs, noticeable weight gain or loss, changed behavior, and /or ungroomed or dirty.

We expect the dog you are returning to be in the exact same condition as when you adopted him or her from us.

We will therefore provide a full refund when the dog is returned happy, healthy and groomed. You agree that the determination of whether the dog is healthy, happy and groomed will be made by personnel at Ginger’s Pet Rescue.

Otherwise, any vet bill, grooming and any needed treatment or evaluation from a certified dog trainer for a returned dog will be deducted and whatever balance is left will be refunded. Moreover, you agree to be liable for any vet, grooming or evaluation costs that exceed the adoption fees you paid to Ginger’s Pet Rescue.

A medical evaluation of $85.00 will be automatically deducted from your adoption fee if you return your dog after 4 weeks.


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